Prepare for a cleaning?
Why would someone do that?
You’d be surprised how often I get asked this question. And maybe more surprised that in many cases the answer is ‘yes’.
You’re not doing it for the cleaners – your doing it for your self.

What I Recommend and Why

What I recommend to most clients is that they do the easy ‘straightening up’. That lets the cleaners focus on cleaning the house and not on tidying, which makes for a better clean and lets your cleaning dollar go further.
In most cases, just 3 or 4 minutes of straightening will get your home ready for the cleaner to hit the ground running and make the most of their time.
For example, if you have kids and the first thing a cleaner sees when they walk in are a dozen pairs of shoes on the floor and toys everywhere they’re going to have to take care of that first before they get out the vacuum.  Even tossing those shoes and toys into bins will save the cleaner time (and the cleaner may not feel comfortable tossing shoes into a bin – they are more likely to line them up neatly which takes more time).

A Big Cleaning But! (It’s Not What You Think!)

But – and this is a big but! – if you are very busy and love that the cleaners do the straightening for you, by all means, let them. Some busy people (including many of our clients) prefer to just leave it all for the cleaning team – and that’s fine too. It may only add a few minutes to your cleaning, and for some that’s well worth it.

Cleaning Priorities Help Your Cleaner – And You!

One more note about ‘preparing’ for the cleaners. Whether you tidy up a little or not, if you have a clear priority, it always helps to leave a note.  The cleaners are there to please you – if you want a certain area to be the focus of their visit, or even if you have a task you want done differently, just let them know. They want to please and will accommodate you the best they can.
Remember though, for most visits the cleaners are on a certain time schedule.  If you ask for more time in one area it may take away from other tasks. Many people will ask for an extra hour or two now and then for special items such as cleaning a fridge or straightening a child’s bedroom.  Please try to book this extra time in advance if possible.  If you leave a note asking for more time the team may not have it that day (though they will certainly give it to you if there is space in their schedule.)