Moving Cleaning

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it can take weeks or even months to pack, organize, and unpack again. Cleaning is not something you want to worry about – either in the house you leave behind or (especially) in your new home when you arrive. So leave the cleaning to us! We serve most of Halifax, HRM, and the surrounding area including Sackville, Fairview, Hammonds Plains, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Fall River, East Hants, and Bedford Nova Scotia.
Moving in? Taking the time to clean before you move in saves headaches later.  Moving out? Leave your house or apartment clean for the next tenant or home owner – it’s only fair.

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Moving Cleaning Checklist

All of our cleaning jobs are customized to your needs – and to your budget.
A moving cleaning typically includes:

  • Floors vacuumed throughout
  • Floors washed
  • Kitchen counter tops, sinks, stove top, oven inside and outside, sink
  • Kitchen and bathroom cupboards washing inside and out (and above if open to ceiling)
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned & sanitized
  • Bath, showers, tiles and shower doors cleaned
  • Light switches, outlets, door handles washed
  • Ceiling fans dusted and washed (where reachable)
  • Walls washed, and cleaned
  • Move-in or move-out cleaning may also include:
  • Cupboards washed inside and out
  • Drawers washed inside and out
  • Oven cleaned
  • Refrigerator washed
  • Closets wiped inside closets
  • Lighting fixtures dusted and cleaned
  • Washer and dryer wiped down and cleaned

We can also clean the windows if required! Note that while we’re happy to do windows and even casings, it can add several hours to your cleaning job.